This is why you need to team up with Dwayne Johnson

If we want to achieve our goals, whether it’s in life or in business, why are we never doing the things we should be doing?

If you want to have a six-figure income, why are you not making those sales calls?
If you want to lose weight, why are you eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast?
If you want to grow your business online, why are you not adding content to Instagram more often?



Because we lack discipline and consistency. We always choose the easy way out. Doing nothing is easier than doing something. (Especially when you don’t know exactly what it is you should be doing. I mean, are you 100% sure that I can’t lose weight AND eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast? ;-))

We entrepreneurs are always busy. Every day we answer emails, we work with clients, we attend network meetings, we do the groceries, we take the kids to baseball practice, we do laundry, you name it, we do it all. Creating the marketing content we need to become more visible online is not at the top of our to do-list. Sometimes we put it there, but then we chose to ignore it. NOT creating content doesn’t hurt you or your business. Not yet.

But you know that the day of ‘I should have’ and ‘I could have…’ will come. Such a shame. Every day offers opportunities to connect with new clients. Those opportunities are always there, you are just not seeing them because you’re not tuned in.

Why do we always choose the easy option, when we know it’ll make our lives harder in the long run?


Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to make you feel bad. It’s only human, to always choose the easy option. We’re programmed to take the easy way out, our lizard brain thinks it’s safer. Especially when there is no immediate danger. Yes, you’re missing out on establishing connections with future clients, but that won’t hurt your business today, right?

Connecting and interacting with people today, will have an impact on your business in 3-18 months.

That’s why you need discipline.

We all love discipline, we all wish we had more of it.
Until it starts talking.

Discipline is like that good-looking guy. You love having him around, although he does have a very rational outlook on life.

Picture Dwayne Johnson sitting next to you. He is sweet and funny, until it’s time for work. He puts an end to the chit-chat and refuses to listen to your excuses.


He is such a vibe killer.


The worst thing is: you know he is right. He is always right. You hate him for it, but you love his honesty. He’s a rock.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a very close relationship with Mr. Discipline. I never have. But I’m working on it, and I have learned that he’s very reliable if you just show up. After a few days he always brings along his best friend: Miss Consistency. He is hell, she is a bore, but together we are a great team. We rock!

Do you want to become a goal-getter? Practice.
And don’t forget to invite Mr. D and Miss C.


Most entrepreneurs dream of growing their business through online marketing – only 5% of them actually do.

You know who they are. They are the successful, visible people you follow on Instagram and Facebook. It’s not luck that got them there – well, maybe a bit, but that’s because luck always seem to find the people that do the work.

Do the work means: taking the daily steps towards your goal. People with a large following online and a thriving business invited Mr. D. and Miss C. and got to work. That’s all.

Do you know what the funny part is, when it comes to online visibility: the work itself is not hard. Creating content is fun!


We have this misconception about content creation.


People think content creation is difficult and time-consuming. It’s not.

Do you know what is time-consuming? Having to go outside and tell your story to people over and over again. Online your story lives on, it’s available to thousands, no, millions of people. Your story is being told, even when you are asleep.

I have discovered that most entrepreneurs who are NOT achieving their goals adopted this misconception. Why is that? Is it because it gives them a reason to take the easy way out?

‘Content creation is hard, so I’ll probably fail at it, so I won’t even try.’

Many entrepreneurs sabotage their work because it’s safer to fail small.
– Seth Godin

Stop making excuses and start believing in yourself, in your dreams, in your goals and in things that are actually true.


Creating content sparks joy, inspiration, and creativity.


Don’t we all love joy, inspiration, and creativity?

Let’s get past that belief of ‘I can’t do it’ or ‘I don’t have the time’. You’re an entrepreneur. Act like one.

As a minimal marketing mentor I can help you to make a plan (the little steps you take in order to achieve your goal) and I’ll give you a zillion easy ways to create content. I will even team you up with Mr. Discipline and Miss Consistency. Let’s boost your online visibility and grow your business.

Go create. Don’t deviate.

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